Kicksecure Qubes Packages

Has anybody tried installing Kicksecure meta packages kicksecure-qubes-cli or kicksecure-qubes-gui?

Is this a way to install security-misc within a VM?

You can’t be anonymous without being secure. Security hardened operating system Kicksecure is the core of Whonix.

As described on;

I don’t think it includes security-misc package by default

Since ‘security-misc’ is only available in the Kicksecure repositories, you would have to use a Kicksecure installation to use it properly:

user@disp1277:~$ apt info security-misc
Package: security-misc
Version: 3:28.6-1
Priority: optional
Section: misc
Maintainer: Patrick Schleizer <>
Installed-Size: 403 kB
Depends: python3, libglib2.0-bin, libpam-runtime, sudo, adduser, libcap2-bin, apparmor-profile-dist, helper-scripts, libpam-modules-bin, secure-delete, dmsetup, dconf-gsettings-backend | gsettings-backend
Replaces: anon-gpg-tweaks, swappiness-lowest, tcp-timestamps-disable
Download-Size: 131 kB
APT-Manual-Installed: no
APT-Sources: bullseye/main amd64 Packages
Description: Enhances Miscellaneous Security Settings
 Happening primarily in Whonix forums.

There are useful instructions on how to distro-morph a cloned Debian Template VM into a Kicksecure Template VM to be found here.

Works pretty well, but of couse, official templates would be nice, too.

distro morphing is exactly the approach I was thinking of using.