Keyring popups in VMs

Since start of using Qubes i have that annoying popups abut setting a password to keyring. Other thing that they are seems to be broken since even when I tried to set new password to a keyring in particular VM it says that passwords not match… Should I disable the kayring thing in a template and all standalones (but as I understand all remembered application password will be stored then unencrypted?) since it seems not work with passwordless VMs? What is the proper way to handle it?

Also since keyring not working I’m loged out and asked for credentials in skype regularly. So it’s even more important for me to find a solution for that.

… would happen if autologin to OS is enabled, but I guess it’s not the case with your Qubes…

First it appears in new Qube when I install skype or spottify and login to it. But later it popups sometimes more I think. Finally I installed seahorse, and was able to create new keyring with password when logi so skype. Now I have to enter password to keyring every time I run skype from shouted down VM, but it is better then providing all the credentials for MS account.