Keyboard RGB lighting

I am using Asus Rog laptop, where qubes 4.1 is working fine as expected.

I am searching for switch off my RGB lighting of keyboard when using qubes, which can’t find. Though i am able to find command to low my screen brightness.

Could any on please advice is there a way to off or reduce RGB lighting in my lap. thanks.

Hey, welcome to the forum @Raja_275.

The unfortunate truth is, that most hardware vendors of “RGB stuff” do not care about linux, wont provide a driver, nor provide specs so one can do this herself.

However, After some ppl reverse engineered it, it seems that asus finally does something!

Maybe this does it for you.

I want to add, that this code likely must be installed into dom0. Such stuff can jeopardize your security.

A safer way is to look into the BIOS/UEFI. Some offer simplistic RGB control there, so you do not need to install stuff in dom0.

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@Suspicious_Actions, you legend! This should give you what you need.

Sadly, even though doing this would massively reduce their e-waste footprint, increase the longevity of their hardware, and provide the hobbyist and tinkering community with some cool toys to play with, they actually make more money this way, which is why it’s difficult to convince business executives that it’s worth it in the short-term, as well as the long-term…

If your internal keyboard is connected via a USB bus, then you could easily install this in sys-usb and the result would be the same :slight_smile: