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I’ve been unable to find any resources about using qubes with keyboard only, does such a thing exist? It would be nice to know basic shortcuts for new users like opening terminals etc

Indeed, it’s a good idea to write such tutorial. Note that documentation is a community effort.

Meanwhile, try alt+F3, enter a few letters from the name of a needed app and choose it in the list. All steps with the keyboard only.

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I’d be happy to help contribute once I get a proper grasp of it myself :slight_smile: How did you know about alt + f3? Is there a list of shortcuts somewhere or is it some well known shortcut from elsewhere?

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Also how come it wasn’t already in user support? I’m pretty sure I picked 4.1 user support for the category when I created the question

Qubes OS by default runs xfce desktop environment. You can also switch to KDE. Qubes team does not develop those environments* and questions related to them are not Qubes-specific. You can find answers in the xfce/KDE documentation and forums. You can find the list of default shortcuts there, too.

If you click on the pen symbol on the right, near the post time, you will see that it was in Feedback category. No problem though, mistakes happen.

*However, Qubes adjusts the environments to improve the UX, see for example this: New Qubes application menu.

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I use KDE in Qubes almost exclusively with the keyboard.
I find that KDE comes with sensible shortcuts, is far more easy to customise, and it’s simple to create
new launchers and tie them to shortcuts.
There isn’t anything in the docs about this because, as fslover says, it
is not at all specific to Qubes.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.
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