Kernelopts for HVM

In qvm-features man page it says that kernelopts is only available for PV Qubes but I would like to set kernelopts for sys-net which is HVM by default. The options I apply seem to be working so I think maybe this is just old documentation but I want to check that this is the case so I know I’m not breaking something.

  1. Can I set kernelopts for HVM Qube?
  2. If not, can I change sys-net to PV?

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Yes you can.

Yes you can if you move away network device from it. But moving the device away is not something you’d want to do.

P.S. Can you post the link to qvm-features man page where it says so, please?

Sorry it’s qvm-prefs that is used to set kernelopts.

In dom0 man qvm-prefs.