Kali rolling template won't update

I’m trying to get a Kali template by following the instructions here: https://github.com/Qubes-Community/Contents/blob/master/docs/os/pentesting/kali.md

Everything goes smoothly until step: apt-get remove libgcc-8-dev && apt-get install libc6-dev

libgcc-8-dev isn’t installed and libc6-dev can’t be found. It seems non-issue, so I continue, but apt update / apt-get update don't work


apt update --fix-missing does the same. I tried using apt-key add on the GPG key, but it just tells me “OK” and that’s it deprecated and to put the file in the same place I already did according to those instructions.

Any suggestions, please?


Still working on this. Probably isn’t an outage. Putting an https proxy line in the apt.conf.d/01-qubes files didn’t help either.