Jailbreak ThinkPad T430

This program 1vyrain claims to Jailbreak the ThinkPad Doesn’t this also allow you to install coreboot without hardware modification? Would this mean I won’t need to take apart the T430 to install coreboot and to use the me_cleaner feature in the advanced settings if i am correct its found there?

That’s correct however if having Intel ME disabled is important to you, isn’t having tamper detection also important?

This requires Heads which can only be flashed manually.

Thanks for letting me know I did not know that heads is required for security now from what I gathered its seems to me for this T430 I need to flash it manually what are the requirements like products I must buy before I can begin the operation to installing coreboot, heads, ME_cleaner on the machine I have not done this before but I like to grab all the required equipment before so I am ready.

There is alway the option for mechanical tamper detection. Honestly i trust those more than software ones.

to be able to flash the 430 coreboot I need a

  1. machine
  2. raspberry pi
  3. SO8 test clip or a soldering iron (e.g. Pomona SOIC8 5250 Test Clip)
    ^- Should i get the test clip or soldering iron? or both?
    4 8x Female Jumper Wire
    NM-Projects – by Matthias Niedermaier

this is complicated to me never done this before so I hope it works, so by following this guide i will be able to install coreboot then do me_cleaner GitHub - corna/me_cleaner: Tool for partial deblobbing of Intel ME/TXE firmware images and I guess right after I need to figure out a guide that shows how to flash heads, I don’t know where this guide is but do I install cubes after I install coreboot or after flashing coreboot,me_cleaner_heads? is all this really necessary for security?

I don’t think you will need the software removal of ME after Flash.


Which has other options besides just doing the external Flash. This guide might to use Tornado does not include Heads. For which you will eventually need a NitroKey as part of starting 'no tamper" verification.

I am not sure it is wise to attempt to use 1vyrain before doing an 'External Flash" with clip. Soldering Iron likely not needed. Person who soldered - soldered wires to clip, from what I read.

I was unsuccessful doing a Flash to a Lenovo X230. Might have something to do with all my light in house is either LED or Florescent, which throws electomagnetics.
That is one thing that you can avoid if possible. Might not have anything to do with it at all.

You will need some cable to hook up Clip to PI. Please let me know which PI you use.

Maybe don’t take advice from someone who failed.

The clip which came with CH341 programmer was better quality, more sturdy than the Pomona (probably counterfeit) clip paid more for.

Finally found this;

Might read a bit to make sure one can -by software change to Heads. after the Flash.

I don’t have a t430 or a t430s but maybe this t430s heads flashing link could be useful if you pursue this further.

I got t430 for me to try this out do i need raspberry pi?

no you can use any PC or notebook with Linux. I can tell you Kali is good to use. plug the soic and run updates

buy a ch341a board on alibaba

is this the board you talk about?

yes, install Kali full on any old device than plug in and run
sudo apt-get update
follow the instructions to install flash ROM
than again sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get Upgrade --fix-missing
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
and reboot

than you have to go to your Lenovo Mainboard and hopefully you can read the type of bios chip because on each notebook model there are many different chips so I also believe it was possible to read the type with flashrom

get the right skulls for your chip you will find on GitHub link you already got

flashrom tells you also if you plugged in the soic wrong

I think the best way is to flash skulls and me_clean
er with flashrom and than flash heads via terminal



To future proof your t430 if Heads is intended, please flash externally Heads maximized builds.

On t430/x230/t530/w530 the bottom and top flash images will take care of neutering ME and freed space will be useful in the future.

You can flash t430-flash from 1vyrain. But then in Heads, ME will be there.

Please read https://osresearch.net prerequisite section.
A lot of posts were replied on the forum for above mentioned platforms. For features they are all interchangeable.

Unfortunately, the t430, as opposed to the x230, needs to be fully disassembled to be flashed.

Hope that it helps. Again, Heads community is on gihub.
Heads for code issues/features and heads-wiki for thr docs, rendered at https://osresearch.net