IVPN - dynamycally change resolv.conf

Hey guys,

I’m trying to create a proxyVM vpn qube and I’m having a problem with my current DNS setup. I am using a vpn from an IVPN provider that uses its own cli and also a ui app. I am using the ui app in which I have set to automatically turn on after startup. On proxyVM I have also enabled the Network manager service. After the automatic startup, the settings in the Network manager are available, but the DNS configuration is not. Provider also provides various anti-tracking protections and thus changes DNS every time the configuration is changed via the ui app. It does this by overwriting the /etc/resolv.conf file and this change does not go to the Network manager and not to the appVM at all. Please, does anyone have experience with IVPN provider? How would you solve my problem with dynamic change of etc/resolv.conf?

thank you!

I’ve seen an issue about Qubes a long time ago.
Until you find a proper solution, try to use this command in the proxyvm:
sudo /usr/lib/qubes/qubes-setup-dnat-to-ns
It will need to be executed each time the resolv.conf file change to another DNS.

If you are fine with bash scripting, you could do a script that check the resolv.conf file and execute the command I provided with the new replaced IP(s).

Thank you! This is enough for me :slight_smile: