I've stuck in whonix-gw-16, can't update

When I try to update my whonix machines i have this error:

Release file for tor+https://deb.kicksecure.com/dists/bullseye/InRelease is expired (invalid since 80d 4h 8min).
Updates for this repository will not be applied.

Also my system is consistently changing the date to 2022 and I need to make timedatectl set-time from time to time but the error I am trying to resolve is happening when the date is set to current

Please help

Whonix 16 templates are no longer supported, install Whonix 17 templates using Qubes Template Manager GUI tool and use them instead.

Is it changing only after poweroff or it can change in running system randomly?
Maybe your CMOS battery is dead.

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I cant find an option to download whonix 17 templates in qubes template manager gui
can I maybe do that in command line instead

it only changing after poweroff

Do you have Qubes OS 4.1?
Do you have sys-whonix as dom0 update proxy?
Does your sys-whonix connects to Tor successfully?
Maybe Qubes Template Manager can’t update the templates repository because sys-whonix is not connected to Tor and so you don’t see the new templates.

You can try to use CLI tool, but it should be the same:

qvm-template list
qvm-template install whonix-gateway-17
qvm-template install whonix-workstation-17

It could be hardware issue.
You can try to rule out the issue with the OS by testing this:

  • boot into BIOS
  • change time there
  • power off
  • power on
  • enter BIOS without booting in the OS
  • check the time

If the time will be reset then it’s a hardware issue. Maybe your CMOS battery is dead and you need to replace it.