Issues with sys-audio

Hello, I need help with sys-audio setup.
I use default debian 11 template (not minimal) for sys-audio. I need to connect usb soundcard, which works fine, but also I need to use internal soundchip (not at the same time).
At this time I cannot get internal soundchip worked fine, and I can’t understand why.
When internal soundchip selected as output in sys-audio, In my case, when I press start button in Music On Console player (or any other sound player) playing doesn’t start. but when I open pavucontrol in sys-audio, and start moving volume range, sometimes I can hear sound fragments. If I would move volume range left and right faster, I hear longer fragments. But when I stop moving it, sound is stopped. If it stops not on silence, last tiny fragment will repeat over and over again. Same issues on Fedora too.

In past I have issues with usb soundcard the reason is low memory in sys-audio and sys-usb. I increased its memory, so no oom issues now.
I just need to fix internal soundchip working.
Any ideas?

The first I’d do is to create two separate sys-audio's. I wouldn’t want USB sound card’s controller to mess with my internal audio controller. Second, you don’t need to mess with choosing outptus inside sys-audo, you just choose the other sys-audio.
Next I’d do (I did it, actually) is that I’d do it with fedora-37-minimals It works so to say out of the box.
Maybe you can find some additional info here to be useful