Issues with HVM vms sys-net and sys-usb


I’m using Qubes OS 4.1 with latest updates.

After booting Qubes OS today, I don’t have the nm-applet anymore. WiFi still works as expected but because the network is already known and sys-net using fedora-37 and not fedora-37-dvm.

It seems I have an issue the default HVM vms, I can’t run programs in sys-net or sys-usb (created by default in a fresh install a few weeks ago) from the Xfce menu.

Running qvm-run -p sys-net uname from dom0 displays nothing but the terminal is still is qvm-run waiting for something.

I’m able to run gnome-terminal with the fedora-37 template.

I cloned sys-net, deleted the original one, and used sudo qubesctl state.apply qvm.sys-net to recreate it, and same problem happens :frowning: Same for sys-usb

I already experienced a similar behaviour with the gentoo template after fiddling with emerge, the template and inheriting VMs weren’t usable from dom0 from qvm-run or the xfce menu icons. But in the current case, I didn’t do anything special with the template.

any idea how I could debug this?

You can try to remove PCI devices from sys-net and check if the problem remains if you start sys-net without PCI devices passthrough.
Also you can open sys-net console even if you can’t open terminal and check the logs there with qvm-console-dispvm:
GUI troubleshooting | Qubes OS

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Thanks, this is indeed very useful, I certainly overlooked this page :+1:

The issue is pretty obvious in qubes-gui-agent.service logs

PAM unable to dlopen(/usr/lib64/security/ /usr/lib64/security/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I suppose I did something wrong with the template. I’ll try to reinstall fedora-37 template first :slight_smile:

I’ve been able to pinpoint the issue and solve it properly.

I made a mistake and set a gui-videoram-min way too high and qubes-gui-agent in the HVM was triggering an OOM each time I was restarting the service, so I guess in HVM the service must allocates at least $gui-videoram-min, it was set to 1 GB :sweat_smile:

Problem solved :ok_hand: