Issue opening urls from Thunderbird in disp

Hello all,

Qubes R4.1.1, I have a custom DISP created called disp-multi and a AppVM running thunderbird (not disp). The AppVM has disp-multi as the default disp. disp-multi has no default disp.

When I click a hyperlink within a email it brings up the open dialogue where I can select the qvm-open-in-dvm. This starts a disp-multi but I then get:

“Denied qubes.openURL from dispxxx to @dispvm
Why would it need to call a openURL from DISP to @dispvm?

I have qvm-service set where work-mail is the AppVM with thunderbird installed.

qvm-service --enable work-mail app-dispvm.thunderbird

I haven’t made any changes to /etc/qubes-rpc/* other than disp sys*.

Could it be that your dispvm is configured to open things in a dispVM while it doesn’t have anything asigned to it?

That is weird. If you open the dom0 terminal (xfce terminal) and type the following, it will show you the last actions of the qubes-rpc (what was accepted and what was denied). Maybe that will give you some insights?

sudo journalctl -u qubes-qrexec-policy-daemon -r
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Thanks for the response @deeplow.

last three lines show what is going on. I understand why qvm-open-in-dvm is being called from Personal-Mail(thunderbird) to disp-multi (my disp assigned to Personal-Mail). I don’t understand why the disp is calling it to open in a disp instead of just opening the URL.

qprexec: qubes.OpenURL: disp3413 → @dispvm: denied: policy define ‘allow’ action to @dispvm at /etc/qubes/policy.d/90-default.policy:52 but no DispVM base is set for this Vm
qprexec: qubes.windowIconUpdater+: disp3413 → @adminvm: allowed to dom0
qrexec: qubes.OpenURL+: Personal-Mail → @dispvm: allowed to @dispvm:disp-multi

Okay fixed. Well a work-around. I removed the /usr/share/applications/qvm-open-in-dvm.desktop and ~/.local/share/applications/qvm-open-in-dvm.desktop from disp-multi.

It seems this is the same issue as detailed here.

Thanks for your time @deeplow

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