ISO verification instructions/CLI commands aren't recognized by my non-Qubes CLI

I’m sure I’m missing something that the developers must think is obvious, but that doesn’t help.

The instructions are only for if you already have Qubes. None of the given instructions work without having Qubes. Based on these two things, that means that verification can only be done with an unverified copy of Qubes.

step 1 is getting the master key and that’s easy. Everything else doesn’t make any sense. The given commands don’t do anything in my non-Qubes command line interface, so there’s no way for me to follow the given instructions. I enter the commands and the CLI doesn’t understand what “gpg2” is.

Can someone please tell me where to put the commands? Do I need to download PGP/GPG things that the instructions don’t mention?

@KDNuNadoP4usK46 are you currently on a windows system?

If so, I think there isn’t any documented easy way of verifying the integrity. If that’s the case I can try to guide you through the process but it may be a bit cumbersome.

It will be somehow similar to this one

That’s not true at all. There’s absolutely nothing Qubes-specific in the instructions. It’s all just gpg2 commands.

This means you don’t have gpg2 installed. From the FAQ on the same page:

I’m getting “bash: gpg2: command not found”
You don’t have gpg2 installed. Please install it using the method appropriate for your environement (e.g., via your package manager).

Our current instructions were written with Linux in mind, but you can do basically the same thing on Windows or Mac. Example:

I’ll see if I can find time to add some Windows and Mac pointers.

Someone “official” could have opened a keybase account and have an easy download (from inside keybase) saving screentime and also a mirror.

Here is an example for Parrot the only OS with i2p installed.

Just got hacked in 3 minutes on this forum… got to go.

Opened an issue for improving the doc and added a new section:

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