Is v4.2 rc1 being live updated?

I’m wondering if the new v4.2 rc1 is being updated over the wire now, or if fixes will only come in one chunk with a rc2. The reason that I’m asking is that I’m in a situation where I have a new Legion 5 Ryzen 7745HX laptop and also an existing computer (that wasn’t either stolen or broken). So I can take my time setting up a new paradigm for the next years. I’d like to start out with v4.2, but I’m not sure if it’s just too broken now (since I’ve read of some problems here). But if it’s being updated in pieces then perhaps it would be good enough for me to start investing time into it. Otherwise if I have to wait for a rc2 for any fixes then it is probably just too raw for me at this time.

For background, I tested Qubes nearly ten year ago and actually there was one release that had three noted changes that were directly from my input. I’ll inevitably end up reporting bugs and helping to improve things (since I do with every project), but I’m not a kernel developer, or anything at that low level. So I just need a certain amount of stability to be useful to myself and others.

it was live updated. the only problem perhaps just the selinux issue on fedora template, otherwise looks good.

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Hi @dschissler, welcome to the Community! Does this answer your question?