Is there a way to prevent bind-mounting /home? (Reason: clamfs)

I was able to get a clamfs test case working at run time by moving /home/user to /clamfs/user then making a config file to map /home/user to /clamfs/user and then doing clamfs {config-file-name}, and later by setting up a /etc/fstab entry for it and typing “mount /home/user”.

However, I’d like to be able to be able to have it already mounted on boot, and I’d like the user directory to be persistant.

Actual Question:
Rather then do something crazy, like have qubes bind-mount /clamfs/user, it seems like it would be cleaner to just prevent the qubes bind-mount of /rw/home to /home and instead use clamfs to mount /rw/home to /home during the boot sequence.
Is it possible to block the qubes bind-mount of /home so that clamfs can do the mount?