Is Landlock (Linux Kernel Security Feature) used by dom0 kernel?

Is Landlock, the Linux Security Module an off topic subject for the general discussion section?

Unless you’re asking about it in the context of Qubes OS, it would be off-topic indeed.

The topic of the all the categories in the forum is: Qubes OS.
The only exception is the All around qubes category.

How can I better frame the question to be in context with QubesOS? Sorry, my English is bad.

The only question you’ve asked so far is if it’s on-topic. I don’t know what your question is!

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I wanted to know if Linux kernel security features like Landlock are used by the dom0 kernel.

That’s on-topic for General Discussion!

I’ll put that in the title to make it clear. :slightly_smiling_face:

yay! I did it!

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So what about this kernel security feature?

@gonzalo-bulnes are you sure this is offtopic?

@fsflover :point_up: