Is it useful to switch to debian11 and fedora33?


In a discussion, someone recommended me to switch to debian11 and fedora33. I have a brand new system and I have never worked with Qubes before. So I have no data to save.

Is it useful (or better) to switch to debian11 and fedora33?

non-minimal: yes


Sorry, I don’t understand your answer very well (I’m not an English speaker).

I complete my thought a bit: if I do it now, I won’t have to do it later, and I won’t have the risk of losing personal data, because I am a great beginner.

Newer versions of Debian or Fedora will have more up-to-date packages or applications. You can check which versions of Debian, Fedora, and Whonix are supported for each Qubes OS release at Supported releases | Qubes OS under the Templates section.

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I have Qubes 4.0:
so I can put fedora33 but not debian11!
Thanks for your answer.

It should be available a little bit later.