Is it possible to block certain applications from opening?

Is it possible to block certain applications from opening in a VM such as chromium? I want chromium to be able to be opened in only one VM but not all the VMs assigned to one template. When i migrated my VMs to 4.1, for some reason when I use keypass and click on the URL to open a site, it opens in chromium instead of firefox. I was using chromium without knowing it.

I guess I could use two different templates such as fedora on one and debian on another.

I would use two templates.

You could leverage /rw/config/rc.local to remove or clobber chromium.
Better would be to fix the problem properly.

Check what you have under
xdg-settings get default-url-scheme-handler http
xdg-settings get default-url-scheme-handler https
xdg-settings get default-web-browser

Check settings under keepassxc->Tools->Settings->BrowserIntegration

Adjust as necessary.

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I guess I was an idiot. All I had to do was make Firefox the default browser in settings. Thanks. I’ll keep the above points in mind.