Is it possible for the Qubes team or community to release a version of Qubes with openBSD as netVM/sys-net?

For anyone interested, In 2008 Matt / Kip Macy committed a felony, but it’s unrelated to the pfSense/BSD WireGuard code.

I thought you mean things relevant to FreeBSD

What do you mean? He (the guy in question M. Macy paid by Netgate) was the one who created the original wireguard kernel port - supposedly - for FreeBSD 13.0 (FreeBSD developers worked on it as well). Netgate announced wireguard for pfSense 2.5 (which firewall product is based on FreeBSD). This is why they wanted the code to be released with FreeBSD 13.0.
After wireguard developers had a look at it and saw the poor code quality with many obvious issues, they rang the bell. Which led to an attack against them. In the end FreeBSD stepped back and delayed the new feature.

I know that - that’s just the story.
These events happened 13 years before - the trial was 8 years before.

The real issue is how one developer had commit rights without code
review,and adequate testing,and how Netgate ported beta code to their shipping product.
Nothing else strikes me as relevant.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.
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There is a guide for this on github (I can find it if you like) that takes Unman’s notes and formalizes it with some additional steps.

Unfortunately in my attempt to implement it I was consistently met with failures, the root of which I was unable to identify. I’m not sure if the guide needs improvement, as in there is maybe something that seems ‘obvious’ that goes unsaid, or if it was specific to my hardware and drivers.

sorry to hear that -with supported hardware (supported by BSD) it should
be workable.
If you wanted to return to this, let me know -open a new thread,and we
can focus on the issues.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.

When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

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I guess this might be that guide. I’d like to test this setup as well.

I think that in a corporate network, but also for an ISP, Openbsd is irreplaceable for the tasks for which it was designed. however, it is a highly specialized system and a workstation must be flexible, especially if it is a notebook.

I have problem with drivers/pass through implementation and give up when Xen developer (the only person interested in fixing my issues) want me to replace the Xen by its debug version, and messing with libvirt for debug purposes. Problem was that even if the hw was supported by OpenBSD and it working on bare metal installation, it has strange issues in VM. If I had second machine I will probably try to debug it but since this is on my daily driver machine, and Qubes on usb drive is really sluggish I gave up the idea of running OpenBSD as sys-net.