Is it planned in Qubes: Booting as a HVM qube Linux installed on hard drive separately?

Currently I’ve two Linux distributions installed on the same hard drive where the Qubes OS is installed. Also I’ve historical Windows installation there. Both Linux have a few partitions.
Partitions are:
Windows 11:

  1. EFI System partition 2. M$ reserved partition 3. Windows drive C 4. Windows resque partition.
    Open SuSE Thumbleweed:
  2. EFI system partition 2. /boot 3. Encrypted root 4. Encrypted swap .
  3. EFI system partition 2. /boot 3. Root. 4. Swap.

I’m interested to boot both Linux installations (and even Windows) as a separate HVM qubes.
The problem is I see no way how to tell a qube that it has a few hard drive partitions attached when it is offline. I can pass a single partition as a boot CDROM, but not a set of partitions… I can attach partitions to a running VM, but this seem to be too late.

So the questions is are any plans to support such a boot scenario later?