Insufficient space in EFI partition

I connected a new SSD in my notebook and removed the previous one. Then I installed Windows 10 in a partition of about a quarter of the total size of the disk. After that I installed Qubes which automatically took the rest of the space available. As I am having the same problem as in previous installation (no grub, black screen after “Loading Xen 4.14.5 … Loading Linux 5.15.94-1.qubes.fc32.x86_64 … Loading initial ramdisk …” when booting from UEFI menu) I followed this steps but I get a message saying insufficient space when running the cp commands:

The UEFI partition is 100MB. Running the rescue option at the installation media (usb sitck in my case) finds no linux partitions, but I can see them when running lsblk)
Maybe I am missing something basic? I am not an expert so please feel free to provide possible workarounds. Thanks.

The 100Mib EFI partition created by Windows is known to be too small for multiboot.
You could install Windows with manual partitioning and give the EFI partition a larger size.

I don’t use multiboot, but from my reading of the forum,it should be simpler to install Qubes OS first.
You will have to do manual partitioning as well.
The default configuration is:

  • 600Mib for /boot/efi
  • 1Gib for /boot
  • everything else for Qubes OS.
    In your case, let’s say, half of your drive.

Once Qubes OS is installed, install Windows.
It should automatically use the already existing EFI partition.

Using a Xubuntu boot disk (DVD), I deleted all the partitions. After that I installed Qubes but I am still getting a black screen after this 3 messages: “Loading Xen 4.14.5 … Loading Linux 5.15.94-1.qubes.fc32.x86_64 … Loading initial ramdisk …”

It’s an other unrelated question.
I’ve tried to give you some ideas in your original topic.