Insufficient Entropy Crash

Where does Qubes source entropy for RNG (Random Number Generation)? What happens if there is insufficient entropy available and it causes a crash? What is the recommended method of generating sufficient entropy when given the options presented in this article?:

Have you looked?

In the 5.10.0-21-amd64 kernel my Debian-based templates are using, at least per the config reported in /boot/config- files, CONFIG_RANDOM_TRUST_CPU=y - so it’ll trust rdrand if available and needs entropy.

Empirically, /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail shows ‘256’ even while I’m hexdumping /dev/random (and it’s not blocking), so I’d imagine it’s using rdrand or such as needed. You could disable that, but… what’s the actual issue? Or are you just curious about it? I don’t miss entropy blocking on systems…

I keep getting a systemd related crash that returns an error message (I wasn’t able to copy the entire
error message so I just copied the relevant part):

systemd uninitialized urandom read crash

and I understand that /dev/urandom is used to retrieve entropy for PRNGs

This can apparently be resolved by applying the security-misc package into Debian based templates (Including Whonix).