Installing Windows on Qubes

Is it possible to install Windows 10 on Qubes? Are there any restrictions or compatibility issues? If someone has tried it, could you please share your experience?
I would be grateful for any information.

There’s a comprehensive guide in the documentation: Windows qubes. Please take a look at the doc before starting a new thread.

Also there’s a search function in this forum that you can utilize to see other’s experiences.

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Windows 10 works. Have used it.
However, I was only able to install it using this tool: GitHub - elliotkillick/qvm-create-windows-qube: Spin up new Windows qubes quickly, effortlessly and securely on Qubes OS


Have you tried it long time ago?
I installed Windows 10 with Qubes Windows Tools recently using this guides from @GWeck and other guys (thanks to them all for it!) and was surprised how well it went.
I have only alt+tab issue (alt and other modifiers get stuck), but the rest is way better than it was 2-3 years ago.

I have perfectly running Nvidia GPU-passthroughed Win11 qube running smooth on exactly 2112MB RAM and playing 2160p 10 bit x265 ~40GB videos (and their audios, as well as other music) better then in any other Linux qube.
I’m running Tiny11 ISO and didn’t try other versions. This one’s Windows folder is only 12GB before downloading software distribution packages.

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if you could please help me accomplish this i would greatly appreciate it sir.
i have a razerblade15 laptop and a Aorus gaming box egpu that connects via thunderbolt3
ive been looking up tutorials last few days to try and figure it out and still not there yet

I really didn’t do anything special. I’m running laptop in Nvidia Optimus mode. From Qube Manager GUI I just created Windows HVM with 8192MB RAM, booted Tiny11 ISO from it, installed Win11. At some points I followed some steps from @GWeck’s manaul on Github, regarding qvm-features and prefs After that I attached Nvidia GPU to it, and it didn’t boot, so I had to lower RAM to 1808MB RAM (experimenting, that was the biggest value I could allocate), and finally it booted. Then I downloaded Nvidia drivers from their site, installed it in Win11 HVM and everything went well so I finally got external monitor over HDMI/DP, while on laptop screen I’m running Intel GPU.

Although everything was smooth, I worried about 1808MB RAM, so I patched both stubdoms and xen.xml as per @neowutran’s guide, added “gpu_” to the beginning of the qube name and experimented but I finally got that most I could allocate to HVM - 2118MB RAM, again by experimenting.

Here’s my win11-qube’s prefs & features, so hopefully it’ll help you to set yours, although I’m sure it is rather specific to each machine.

qvm-pref && qvm-features

[user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-features gpu_win11
qubesmanager.maxmem_value 4000
audio-model ich6
stubdom-qrexec 1
os Windows
rpc-clipboard 1
timezone localtime
no-monitor-layout 1
qrexec 1
gui-emulated 1
[user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-prefs gpu_win11
audiovm - sys-audio
autostart D False
debug - False
default_dispvm D f38-min-dvm
default_user D user
dns D
gateway D
gateway6 D
guivm D dom0
icon D appvm-yellow
include_in_backups D True
installed_by_rpm D False
ip D
kernel -
kernelopts D
keyboard_layout D us++
klass D StandaloneVM
label - yellow
mac D xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
management_dispvm D default-mgmt-dvm
maxmem - 0
memory - 2118
name - gpu_win11
netvm - sys-fwall
provides_network - False
qid - 132
qrexec_timeout - 6000
shutdown_timeout D 60
start_time D xxxxx.xx
stubdom_mem U
stubdom_xid D 85
template_for_dispvms D False
updateable D True
uuid - xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx
vcpus D 2
virt_mode - hvm
visible_gateway D
visible_gateway6 D
visible_ip D
visible_ip6 D
visible_netmask D
xid D 84

Sorry if this isn’t enough.


Thanks a lot!

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Thank you very much

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