Installing Windows 7

Hope all is well, I’m supper confused…

I am only able to install one type of windows machine at a time. After reinstalling Qubes OS

Perhaps the iso from archive .org is the issue as I have to restart the download as it drops connection after …But maby its from downloading more than once …

  • disabled Tor and issue still persist in downloading

ran in dom0
qvm-create-windows-qube -n sys-firewall -soyp firefox,notepadplusplus,office365proplus -i win7x64-ultimate.iso -a win7x64-ultimate.xml work-win7

States " Preparing Windows media For automatic installation…"
-“Creating loop device from iso…”
-“Failed to create automatic Windows installation media!”
-“Failed To Create media! Out of disk space? Exiting…”

Inside Dom0
df -h
-"4.9G/ 14 GB = / "

Inside Windows Management
-" 4.6G/14G" /
-“18G/42G” /rw

When I go to prefered applications page and select application it opens file manager to DOM0 and when i go

  • Other locations it says
    Computer 14.6GB/21.0GB /

I increased fedora template to 20GB instead of 10GB, I am about to increase it to 30GB but I’m shooting in the dark at this point…

Mabe script install doesn’t work for windows 7 ?

I’m a proxmox junkie and am contemplating just installing debian desktop on it and calling it a day or testing out mint OS or even windows and just running dedicated server for untrusted but i worry about keyloggers … I have high hopes for qubes OS and hopefully i can contribute to documentation for newbies like my self …

Alot of tickets refrence DOM0 not booting entirely which isn’t my case

I read something that i need to update windows management tool, but I have to try and find that documention again but am going to take a break and try again later…

Thanks for the help

Pounding sand atm lol have a good day…

I hand typed all this, theres doc saying copy and paste but I thought dom0 cli doesn’t allow that, and wasen’t sure how to copy file outside of dom but seen documention on how to copy from VM to DOM…

I keep finding commands on forums on how to do something one way and not reverse changes making it hard to commit to a change with out having to reinstall qubes but i’m half idiot so there is probably nothing u can do about that lol hope my suffering made your day lol happy holidays

Qubes Release 4.1.2 R 4.1
Brand Lenovo
Model 10A6S06f00
XEN 4.14.6
Kernel 6.1.43-1
RAM: 32689MB
CPU : Intel I74770
Chipset 4th GEN DRAM controller 8086:0c00 rev 06
VGA Nvidia RTX 2070 10de:1f02
Net : intel I217-LM
SCSI : KingFast Rev 5A0
Hitachi hua7230 rev a840
HVM Active
I/o MMU active
HAP/slat Yes
IPM device present
Remapping Yes
Qubes hcl files copied to “dom0”

:white_check_mark: Solution : increase template vm system size … ( I did it in 10GB increments up to 30GB in my case)