Installing Veracrypt

I’m having trouble installing VeraCrypt on qubes. What is wrong?

I’m afraid I don’t see the issue; although it looks like something went wrong, your last run shows it as installed.

Try to run it.

If that fails do a remove and a reinstall; possibly apt only thinks it’s already installed.

Are you installing veracrypt in an AppVM directly? If so, install the .deb file inside the template you’ve chosen for the “work” AppVM.
It should be installed in the AppVM right now (but not persistent), running “veracrypt” in the terminal should open it.

It did install. The notice about the unsandboxed install is just a notice and not fatal. It should be able to run, but you will need the passwordless root package to mount and create volumes.

Good catch. I completely failed to realize that was the pre-installed “work” AppVM. In which case, of course, any installation will disappear when work is shut down.

It’s possible the OP only wants veracrypt to be available in the “work” VM and not in (say) “personal.” (This is implied by trying to install it in “work” to begin with.)

In which case if s/he hasn’t done so already s/he should clone the template (which is most likely debian-11) to something like debian-11-work, then install veracrypt in debian-11-work. Then, finally, change “work”'s template to debian-11-work.