Installing software to a template outside of the package manager

Currently trying to test out having a mullvad-ws with Mullvad browser as well as my Mullvad-netvm.
Unfortunately conventional cli package management tools won’t cut it.

I know how to register the .desktop file on a regular Linux desktop, but can anyone give me some pointers on getting it installed in a Qubes template so that I can launch it in an appvm?

EDIT: Solution: I registered the .desktop file just like I would on Linux in the template and it appeared in the applications list! Looks like I just forgot to hit refresh. whoops!

Hi @bestbefore2023! I’ll move your post to the Support category. It fits squarely within the forum Qubes OS topic, and will get more views in the section of the forum that all users can see.

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Right so.
Why not?

Assuming you have tried, what issues have you encountered?