Installing software in qube won't stick

Hi All

This is for a fresh install of Qubes 4.1 using Debian templates

I am trying to install Evolution in the “personal” qube.

In the personal template, I open terminal:

sudo apt install evolution

It installs correctly. I can open Evolution through Terminal.

I reboot personal qube, but Evolution still doesn’t show up in the Setting-> Applications tab

Open terminal and have to reinstall it again

What am I doing incorrectly?

see Link: (preview text doesnt explain it, sorry) - Glossary | Qubes OS. its not really desired to install software in an app qube.

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Ah , Ok, “personal” is a qube, not a template.

Thank you

Technically, both are qubes (VMs), it’s just that Personal is an AppVM while a template is a TemplateVM. Both kinds are “qubes.”

(Trying to avoid future confusion.)

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personal > app qube
debian-11 > personal's template
any Xen VM in Qubes OS (as of today, tomorrow it could be KVM VM, or anything else, even non-VM) > qube

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Thank you guys for your replies,

I am doing more reading, definitely will have more questions.

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