Installing Rust

I can install Rust in the Debian-11 template using rustup (after enabling networking temporarily).

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

But appVMs based on the template can’t use it.

rustc -V
bash: rustc: command not found

And installs on the appVM don’t persist. Has anyone got this working at all?

Installs on the AppVM should persist. If they do not, that is either a bug in rustup or a bug in Qubes OS. The install in the template not being usable in template-based qubes is expected, since rustup installs Rust to the home directory, not the root filesystem. It is also a bad idea, since it assumes you trust the TLS connection to the server and requires enabling networking. I recommend using Debian- or Fedora- provided Rust packages instead.

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Tried again and it persisted. Not sure why it didn’t the first time, but working now.

Yeah, I just cloned the debian template and installed Rust to see if it would work.