Installed software inside AppVM vanish

I installed Opera browser inside an AppVM. I added bookmarks, changed style and settings. After I did a reboot everything is gone. No opera installed.
I checked it is not a disposable vm.
Also if I attempt to install it again opera open again with my previous settings I saved.
There’s something i’m not understanding.

Also after the install it ask me a password key I typed after installation.

You should install software in templates so it could be persistent for AppVMs and dvms. If you want software to be installed only in AppVM but not in template, then you should try bind dirs
These are most helpful topics for your goal.


I cloned a deban11 template to make a qube connected to sys-firewall. After clicking OK a message warned me that enabling network on a template is highly discouraged.
The template cloned is always isolated from the rest of the qubes or it can become a risk to other things if it take a virus?

Connecting a TemplateVM directly to a network is highly discouraged!
You are breaking a basic part of Qubes security and there is probably no real need to do so. Continue at your own risk.

Qubes templates are updated via a proxy, to make it harder to compromise them. If a template is compromised, everything which relies on it will probably be compromised too. If you don’t care about it, you can enable its networking. But this will be similar to using a StandaloneVM, and you will not benefit from the template isolation mechanism.

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I will compromise everything cloned from that template only, right?

No. If you cloned the template before compromising it, clones wont’ be compromised. But, all AppVMs based on the template will be compromised

Most of the time, you’ll be using an app qube, which is a qube intended for running software programs like web browsers, email clients, and word processors. Each app qube is based on another type of qube called a template

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