Installed Qubes on USB Stick, it isn't showing in the boot devices


I installed Qubes onto a USB stick, it went fine. I am trying to boot Qubes from the USB stick on my MacBook Pro, however it does not display in the list of devices when booting and holding the option key ⌥

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Sad to hear this was never followed up. Did you manage to solve it?

I think that MACs require a GPT disk to boot from.
Does a standard install use GPT? (I think the answer is no)
I’ve worked on older MACs using a boot manager.

I think it’s depends on the media installation, mine always gpt and i’m using rufus to create the media.

can you confirm that your bootloader is’nt missing ? try booting into qubes rescue, enter disk pass and run efibootmgr -v in shell.

What do you mean? What does the “mine” refer to? The installation media,
or the disk to which you are installing?
Does it depend on the boot mode when you start installation, or how
the disk is configured before installation?

the disk to which i installing.

It’s depends on how you create the media. boot mode doesn’t matter for my laptop.