Installation Troubles

I’ve been trying to install Qubes os in my VM,
but every time it finishes and says it was successful, it tells me to reboot. After which, I am right back at the beginning where it ask me to install again. Is there anyway to escape this loop?

It sounds like the virtual machine may be detecting that the install medium is still present and is trying to boot off that instead of the installed OS. Check the settings to confirm if that’s the case. If you’re still having problems, you can let us know what virtual machine manager you’re using.
Also, there is a note in the Installation Guide documentation:

Note: Qubes OS is not meant to be installed inside a virtual machine as a guest hypervisor. In other words, nested virtualization is not supported. In order for a strict compartmentalization to be enforced, Qubes OS needs to be able to manage the hardware directly.

But I believe it’s still possible for testing.

yes, testing team using kvm