Installation error during "Creating luks on /dev/sda2"

During installation of Qubes 4.1, when it gets to creating luks on /dev/sda2 I get an error box that says:

"An error occurred while activating your storage configuration.

Failed to activate device: Incorrect passphrase"

Can someone explain to me what this error means?

I’ve used this installation medium successfully before, and now had this error with two separate SSD’s.

Thank you

It seems to be a bug:

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I changed RAM and it worked.

It seems like all my issues I have been posting about must be due to faulty RAM. I thought I eliminated this as a factor when I changed out RAM and the issues persisted, but perhaps I was too far downstream to effect whatever issue the faulty RAM created, and so I ruled it out. I’ll do a memtest to confirm.

Thanks for posting those, it helped.

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