Installation destination

Is it recommended installing Qubes to overwrite a current OS on same hard drive, or installing Qubes on different hard drive with no current OS? Current OS is on SSD. (assuming migrating current OS is not needed).

Thank you.

Depends how much you want the current OS and the information contained on that SSD. If you overwrite it, it’s gone for good. Bear in mind there’s a possibility the installation won’t work too, which is one reason I install Qubes on a USB stick, at least at first. AFAIK for security reasons it’s not advised to dual boot Qubes and another OS, but that depends on your risk profile of course.

I do plan on installing Qubes via USB. Yet, I want to have Qubes boot up normally, like any other OS. I do not plan on dual-booting at all, hence, Qubes overwriting current OS. So Qubes should have no issue overwriting current OS?

Yes you can overwrite the existing OS no problem. I meant I actually install it on a USB stick, not just via one, but it will run quicker on a SSD that’s for sure.

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Personally, I prefer to install on a clean drive (i.e., completely overwritten with zeros) just to minimize the chance of anything going wrong.

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