Install XScreenSaver Patterns

I’m running Qubes OS 4.0.3

By default, I do not see any patterns in my XScreenSaver. The screensaver is working fine, but it just goes to a black screen. How can I add/install XScreenSaver patterns on dom0?

I’ve tried sudo dnf install xscreensaver-gl-extra xscreensaver-data-extra, and received error messages:

[user@dom0 ~]$ sudo dnf install xscreensaver-gl-extra xscreensaver-data-extra
Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'qubes-dom0-cached', disabling.
No package *xscreensaver-gl-extra* available.
No package *xscreensaver-data-extra* available.
Error: Unable to find a match.

FWIW, I don’t recall ever having or wanting to use sudo dnf commands on dom0.

In short you for installing software on dom0 instead of using the dnf command, you use the qubes-dom0-update (it’s a wrapper of dnf so it behaves basically the same way).

But before proceeding you should be aware of the security implication of installing additional software on dom0:

(the docs are always your best friend :wink:)

Thanks for the reply, deeplow. Sorry I missed it…

Understood now, the correct way to install software on dom0. But still, these particular packages, xscreensaver-gl-extra and xscreensaver-data-extra don’t seem to be available for install. Is there some other way to get a screensaver for dom0? Somehow I find it strange that this is not acknowledged somewhere in the docs as well… at least as a limitation?

dom0 is running a very old version of fedora (this is intentional). So it may be that that was not packaged for that particular fedora version.

But I think you can add a picture to xscreensaver easily via xscreensaver-command -prefs

There is also an ongoing discussion about the screensaver of Qubes. It may interest you: