Install Qubes XPG xenia 14 parallel Win10

Hi all!
As it states in the subject I am asking help with qubes installation on my laptop while keeping the stock Win 10 available, so I can choose the OS on boot. Device XPG Xenia 14 i5 Intel, 16gb Ram, 500gb SSD. Anybody please help!

Thank you informative read. Is there a guide for parallel instation? Can you link pls?

Qubes OS is using Fedora installer. AFAIK it should work just like with Fedora.

Sorry i have no clue how fedora works in this matter.

I see there is a guide for regular installation. And i’ve done that in past. But now i need to install Qbs as a parallel OS to chose the OS on boot. And regular way requires HD to be formatted. In the istallation wizard I did not see an option to install parallel.

I have no knowledge of that either. However, one could search for a Fedora guide. This is just not a Qubes-specific question.