Install Hangs on System

Installation is hangs

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I have used my phone video camera to grab the text flashing by on start.

Not sure if it is for you computer. Dell has an Urgent description attached to a Firmware download and install.

I dunno if it even matters to Qubes. I am guessing that the Dell MOBO Firmware still is running underneath Qubes.

Fix it can?

Dell Latitude 5410 uses a 10 generation processor.

Yeah, I would guess that latest Qubes 4.1 might work. Earlier. Not 4.0

I am trying to install Qubes on Latitude 5410.

What CPU do you have?
Any external graphics or “just” integrated graphics?

The first step here is to check the CPU, which will also tell us about
the integrated graphics. Then we can check the HCL and see if someone
else already installed Qubes on a system like that and what they had to
do to make the installer work.

It’s not a guarantee (there are other things that could cause this), but
it’s a good first step.