Install for 4.1.2 freezes on laptop that previously ran Qubes 4.1.2 flawlessly

I was running Qubes 4.1.2 on an ROG GU501GM until I decided to upgrade the ssd to 2TB. Now for some reason the install freezes at the network configuration. The whole computer freezes and I must hard reboot. The base install shows no error and the final config appears to run until Network Config.
I have tried with both the 2TB and the original 1TB ssd. I have tried with the wireless card physically disconnected in case this was a driver issue. Same result. I have downloaded the ISO from both the direct download and through bit torrent with the same result.
Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks you

You can try to skip Initial Setup configuring and then run it in dom0 terminal with:
sudo /usr/libexec/initial-setup/initial-setup-graphical
If it’ll freeze as well then you can try to look for errors in logs.