Install boot on Black screen

Hello to everybody.
I tried to install 4.1.0rc4 but at first start goes in a black screen. I try to follow the troubleshooting guideline about that without results. I use 8Gb usb drive. Disable VT-d, TPM and I can use only UEFI bios. No legacy support.

I have a HP Z1 G4 with i9 11th. I checked what kernel 4.1.0 have and I supposed 5.10 is not compatible with my i9…I don’t know.

…any suggests? Thanks for help

why did you disable vt-d ? enable it.
do you have discrete gpu? can you use it?
try using this

and you should use 4.1 stable rather than release candidate

Yes I have a Nvidia 3070 gtx. But also I have embedded graphic card, during the boot I used Dport with embedded one.

Ok I try your distro. I let you know.

My friend! It has worked!
Thank you a lot!

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