Initial usb install only has dom0 but no templates or fedora

I successfuly installed qubes 4.2.1(R4.2) on a usb but when I login I only have dom0 in my qubes devices but no other templates nor fedora that I had chosen during installation. As per the install, it was successful. Am not sure where to start.
More details: dnf list installed | grep xfce returns xfce4-plugins/settings/screenshooter/system-load/engine/4util/etc.86_64
2. App/Templates/Service window tab is empty
3. Qube Manager shows only dom0 in running state
4. Qubes OS Global Config has nothing(none) in Default and service qubes. Also, under tab This Device everything is green-checked except orange-check on TP version which says 2.0 not yet supported.
5. Dom0 update returns error
6.qubesctl state.sls qvm.personal cmd returns [CRITICAL] Specified ext_pillar interface qvm_prefs is unavailable.
I hope this helps.


Can you please include the machine and specs on which you installed Qubes? Also, I don’t see the HCL, but I do see the attachments header. Did you include the HCL? If this isn’t an HCL, please let the mods know so they can move it to the hardware section.

As far as your errors, please include the specific error messages you received (like with dom0 update)? Can you provide a screenshot of the Qubes Manager?

In a dom0 terminal, what is the output of dom0$ qvm-prefs dom0 and dom0$ qvm-ls?

Did you test media before installing Qubes OS to verify that the installation media is not corrupted?
It’s a default Qubes OS installer GRUB menu option:

How much free space did you allocate for Qubes OS installation in installation destination?
Maybe templates weren’t installed because you didn’t have enough free space on your USB disk.