In qubes 4.1 is it possible to have two sys-usb qubes

Before I begin, I will say I like the new look and feel of 4.1, spot on,love it. Though it took me a few days to get it going really like what I see and have in this new version… Awesome job guys!!!

The last of my problems is “well” my backup of all my templates & hvm’s from 4.0.x some how the DISK file system got corrupted. So I am trying everything I know to bring this SSD back so I can restore them…SUCKS TO BE ME!!!

Anyway I have to create a new “sys-usb” BUT I want a “disposable” sys-usb as well. So is it possible to have both at the same time in my qubes or does it defeat the purpose of reg sys-usb and you should only have one of them?

Also anyone know some tricks to get this SSD backup and running so I can at least get my “vault” information back, cuz if I can’t, I’m ******…( I think you guys know the word I want to say)

Yes, you can have two sys-usb at the same time (one of which disposable, or both, or none). If they contain different usb controllers, you can also run them simultaneously (and it’s recommended for more isolation!). If they contain the same usb controller(s), you can only run one of them at a time.

Ok created my sys-usb and I see that I can in sys-usb “qvm-open-in-dvm”. Well in that case I can use this feature in sys-usb. I think it’s more convenient.

Now I need to get this SSD attached so I can restore my backups. While it is seen in dom0 and I can attach it to a domain or template. In fact disk untilities actually See’s it but I can not mount it anywhere. The error I get is this…
Error mounting filesystem
Error mounting system-manage device /dev/xvdi: unknown filesystem type ‘ntfs’ (udisks-error-quark,0)

Please, how do I fix this or mount so I can get my backups restored???

Alright I find this post …

using that cmd in terminal…
sudo mount -t auto -v /dev/xvdi /mnt/removable

I am getting /mnt/removable: mount point does not exist…

Well in Disk utility it states…/dev/xvdi & dom0see’s this SSD…
dom0: sdd1
So why can’t this mount? so I can restore my backups?

Did you install ntfs-3g in your template?

Yes, I believe that it file system is jacked up. So reformatting as I do have a backup of this last 4.0.x stored offline. Will just copy over to the SSD once it’s done.

I had to reinstall ntfs-3g, see’s SSD now. Thank you

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Great. It would be nice if you’d flag my post as solution.

Sorry, fixed now

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Thank you.


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I searched for a sys-usb template but could not find it. How does one create a sys-usb vm?

It’s in the docs: USB qubes | Qubes OS.