In 4.1, how is "cloud" planned to work?

So in qubes 4.1, comments in documentation say it’ll have “cloud” support. By this I assume that it means that a individual VM can be on a remote system, or on the local system. I don’t see much details on how this is planned to be accomplished.

What’s the plan for displaying this? The X protocol allows remote displays, but it’s not enctrypted. One could use X forwarding over ssh for this, but the ssh protocol causes significant pauses when it drops a packet. Is the plan to set up a VPN between the 2 machines, and forward the X display over the VPN connection?

I’m guessing you are talking about this: Qubes Air: Generalizing the Qubes Architecture | Qubes OS. Qubes 4.1 is a step towards that, but it’s not really accomplished yet. It will be Qubes 5.0 AFAIK.

Yes “Qubes Air”. How is the protocol planned to work? standard X11 display over VPN?