Improvement: displaying dispVM name along with "dispXXXX"

Problem :
There is real lack of organization between multiple disposable VMs .

Example :

I have around 10 fully disposable VMs that i switch between on a regular basis,. each have there own IP address and custom fingerprint .

The issue is because only the name of the disposable vm is provided in the vm header i.e disp2485 i am constantly referencing the qubes manager to check what app vm the disposable vm belongs too. why not provide the name of the app vm template and its disp number ? this would be for more useful then just dispXXXX which means absolutely nothing unless cross checked against the qubes manager, if an mistake was made the compartmentalization between vms would be easily broken because the wrong vm would end being used for something other then its correct purpose,.

why not provide the name of the app vm template and its disp number ?

I get your feature request. In the mean time: are you aware of named
disposable qubes?

qvm-create --class DispVM --template clearnet-dvm --label red clearnet

where clearnet-dvm is the AppVM with template_for_dispvms = true and
clearnet is the name of the disposable qube, which behaves exactly like
any other randomly named disposable qube based on clearnet-dvm

This has come up before - here are a couple of links that include named disposables as well as current workaround ideas, including hovering on the dispNNNN’s name in the Q widget list (to avoid switching to the Qubes Manager):

It would be nice if the UI could be enhanced so the Window Title was parameterized and adjustable to the user’s needs… Don’t know where this is in the code…

i have done what you suggested for now as a temporary workaround . all thought it works it gives no way to organize the shortcuts inside the qubes settings

So i am able to distinguish the disposable vm easily but now the shortcuts are messed up.