Icons on dom0 desktop randomly swapping?

Is it normal for icons on dom0 desktop that they swap randomly after reboot? I’m wondering if my OS got compromised or something.

Do you mean the icons in the infobar ?

If yes, then you’re a lucky one, cause this behaviour is much heavier on my Lenovo P50. The wifi connection icon for sys-net is affected and the entire application stopps working after a reboot of sys-net, so I’m not able to reconnect anymore, except I restart the whole machine again.
So whenever I did updates for the sys-net templates and it wants a restart of sys-net, the connection manager icon hangs and can’t be closed from GUI (Mouse). The connection manager from the restarted sys-net brings up his “connection established” message, but I can’t insert my wifi passphrase, cause there isn’t any connection manager icon to do so, cause the old one still is sitting in the infobar…dead!
Sometimes (from time to time) the connection manager icon disappear, but then - the whonix connection manager icon have the mentioned issues and stands…dead! I just have the feeling it still is the sys-net connection manager, but with the look of the whonix connection manager icon.

From quick view on that, it’s an dom0 issue which already should be mentioned on a ticket to Qubes team. For my model it looks that the sys-net connection manager and the whonix-gw connection manager are affected.