Icon for Restart button from Action Buttons menu not visible in 4.1 anymore

Since the upgrade/installation of Qubes 4.1, is the icon for the ‘Restart’ button from Action Buttons menu not visible anymore. Anyone here with a solution? Where can the icons for the action buttons be found in dom0?

Or has it to do, cause I’m running a dark them on my desks?


Hi @TheGardner ,
I checked with the Adwaita theme (Style=Adwaita, Icons=Adwaita), if I choose the Action Buttons appearance, the below actions don’t get a viewable icon:

  • Suspend
  • Hibernate
  • Restart

but ok for:

  • Lock screen
  • Switch User
  • Hybrid Sleep
  • Shut Down
  • Log Out…
  • Log Out

so this means, they’re visible on other styles (especially the light styles)?

My theme (Adwaita) is a light theme, so this means that all the icons aren’t available.

My advice: merge the Restart - Shut Down - Lock Screen buttons into a sub-menu.
How : right-clic on Restart, Properties, Appearance: choose Session Menu, Actions: select Restart - Shutdown - Lock Screen, close. The new Session menu sub-menu displays the entries with the icon and the label, so you see Restart label.
Then you remove the now useless other buttons (Lock Screen and Shut Down, viewable in your screenshot) because they are in the Session Menu .

If you really want a Restart icon, then search in the XFCE project doc and forum (for XFCE 4.14), because IMHO it’s not a Qubes-OS related issue.

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Already did it that way, you suggest. Thanks ludovic

If this panel item called Action Buttons is set to “Session Menu” instead of Action Buttons for Appearance, is there a way in Qubes to change the size of the menu button? Or have an icon instead of the username written on the wide button?

In the Action Buttons preferences I could not see anything related.