I2P (or any app) not found after restart of whonix qube

Hello all

I am installing i2p like described here Invisible Internet Project (I2P)
then restart the qube and cant start i2p (I tried another app - it is not installed after qube restart too )

Yes, this is a common pitfall. You are likely installing it on an AppVM instead of its Template. Are you sure you are installing it on whonix-ws-15-clone-1 and not anon-whonix?

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thanks for answering
I created new qube with params:
-Type: Standalone qube copied from a template
-Template: whonix-ws-15
-networking: sys-whonix

and managed to install I2P, configured it, and it is running after restart. However I encounter a new error while trying to go to proxy “The proxy server is refusing connections”
or when trying to load a web page “We’re having trouble finding that site”

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