I helped expose 'Project Artemis'

Okay, so this is going to be in the ‘general’ category I guess.

I began using Q when there was about 1832 users (from what I guesstimate afterwards), and I used it to expose that the Australian police (‘Task Force Argos’) ran a child-pornography server for nearly a year in which they encouraged members to produce original material.

I also flipped the sponsorship for the ORWL-computer from 99% to 100% by just deducing that I could donate 35 USD, and I got the only signed (by four team members) ORWL in the world.

At this point you may have some questions; I cannot imagine what they are but please try to be civil and I shall respond with honesty.

Gally @ virped.org (currently not active)

EDIT: Oh and also I am a norwegian, if that wasn’t obvious.

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I remember following that story great work. what was your methodology for attributing that the server had changed hands or that the new operators were gov?

Exposure over time - most of the CP sites had /tech/-subforums, which I frequented.
Then an understanding grew, that these bastards didn’t want to shut sites down, but to profit from keeping them up and run cases against people who have mental issues (which pedophilia is).

Anger rose; juffu-whup filled my fibers and I grew turgid. Violent action ensued.

So I contacted a norwegian journalist who I related it all to and everything checked out, they understood that I was not a clown on a misguided mission and they went to town.

EDIT: To clarify, I did not do any investigative work on ‘Childś Play’ (never visited it), but relegated that to journalists after I had achived an understanding.

I remember the project had some obvious postings on hidden wiki. I made fun of them… and sent them on some bunny trails. I hope that is not considered interference with police activity in Convict Land.