I have been hacked repeatedly!

Exactly. This is poisoning the well. Act in a blatantly obnoxious and crazy manner in order to muddy the waters so that legitimate non-technical users, in whatever kind of capacity they operate that is against high level threat actors interests, will not be taken seriously and are easily dismissed.

Then maybe take a moment to structure a well thought out post that gives anyone the actual ability to assist you and make meaningful progress.

Just coming in here and vomiting out all of these statements that aren’t backed by anything technically actionable not only hurts your own case but also serves to discredit future cases where people will actually need help and make some bloody effort for those who can help to do so.

So you have the biggest problem in the world but you can’t take an hour to structure your post? Ridiculous, and that’s entirely on you.

Under your current self-proclaimed circumstances, with your stated lack of technical ability, you need to swallow the pill that you aren’t going to be able to create a perfectly secure system using currently available hardware/software, and move on with your life. Nothing is truly completely secure, it’s just a question of the adversaries resources & motivation. If you self-assess this level of motivation and resources as you have, there is no magical fix. Period.

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