I have been hacked repeatedly!

divide and conquer.

Central Intelligence Agency.

Cool story.

Be free to answer Unman’s questions in a private / secure way. or not.


I already answered his question mr green man.

… blabla

TLDR, thanks ChatGPT.

The author expresses their frustration with cyberstalkers who invade people’s privacy and do not respect others’ rights. They suggest that these individuals may be motivated by a desire for control or a need to feel powerful. The author notes that these cyberstalkers may be skilled with technology and may be able to hack into people’s machines, steal business ideas, and engage in other criminal activities. The author questions whether Qubes is truly secure and suggests that OpenBSD might be a better alternative. The author also expresses a desire to know how to protect oneself from cyberstalkers and hackers. The author concludes by urging cyberstalkers to stop their behavior and communicate with others in real life instead.

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I realize that I’m chiming in a bit late here but, it’s taken a few days to catch my breathe from all of the gut busting laughter I’ve been (and, still am!) enduring. :rofl:

Due to a people pleasing affliction and, because I never like to join a trash fire without a fuel can in hand …

I’ma just leave this here in the hopes of “improving the discussion train wreck” for all sides of this:

I SINCERELY would like to thank all who have taken your precious time to post/edit, read, like & tolerate all that you have as, this thread is 24 × Mg / Mm! :heart_hands:

From my :heart: to each and every one of your’s, bless :prayer_beads: yours hearts :two_hearts: !

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Central Intelligence Agency.

Fill up threads like these with random bullshit so as to distract the masses and make the people here look crazy.

I’m tired of dealing with you lot.



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please reach out to a psychiatrist

I appreciate your concern. Youre not the first to insuinate I am mentally Ill. The truth is I have seen 3 different psychiasrists and 4 years of therapy. Non of it needed. I just thought it was possible my mind was making a lot of what is happening up. Nothing has changed and I am not sick at all. I am actually very mentally healthy, believe it nor not. It’s just hard to type paragraphs on my smart phone with an input box that doesnt even have autocorrect.

I couldnt reply because i was hacked abd i couldnt repair my computer without paying $100 for a computer guy to fix my phone. The computers i use still get hacked right away.

I used Qubes first for a werk straight. Then 3 days, now it breaks without changing anything. I wish i knew more about how the sys-net;firewallVM connect to dom0 and the other VMs. Does it use a proxyvm? Why dont those show in the qubes manager?

I will reply back if i can do an HCL before i get taken down first by the hacker. Thank you for your information.

I submitted my HCL


:crazy_face: Lmao this forum attracts the most delusional users sometimes I swear. Just look at the way OP types :clown_face:

Isnt there some type of etiquette in these forums? Like no flaming? Low class, low-calibre person with nothing to add but try to make themself feel better about their crappy life that falls way short of what they wish they could have… but will never come close. People like YOU are always full of crap that it overflows and gets on everyone around them. Im sure you arent very well liked. And dont criticize my writing. I could write circles around you.

Wrong. You missed my point by miles. Thanks for playing. Try again. Better luck next time.

Here is a .txt file of the huge output of my systemctl run from dom0 terminal:

Remember my computer is in all likelihood compromised, so use a disposable cube for opening it.

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There is a code of conduct and that comment sailed close to the wind.
So does yours - arguably closer.

The problem in a nutshell is this - in another thread you said:

You’ve suggested that every device you have has been hacked, regardless
of the OS, over an extended period of time.
Most people faced with such a claim would be sceptical.

There’s little point in you posting screed of logs taken from a
compromised system
- if this hacker is so skilled then they would
undoubtedly have sanitised the logs.

I’ve given some advice before:
Take a surprise trip - one you have not signalled before.
Leave your devices at home.
On the way buy a new (to you) laptop at random store.
Book in to a random motel.
Start using laptop.
Keep moving.

I have in the past looked in to a number of cases like yours - in no
case has there been evidence of repeated hacks. I’m not saying that
your case may not be different. We know that NSA grunts would use their
tools to attack ordinary targets: it isn’t the case that you need to be a
high priority target to be attacked.
But balancing the likelihoods you must understand why people are, to put
it gently, sceptical.

Also, if you had the funds for years of therapy, you could have taken on
a security team to investigate your hardware. Would have been money
better spent.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

Exactly. This is poisoning the well. Act in a blatantly obnoxious and crazy manner in order to muddy the waters so that legitimate non-technical users, in whatever kind of capacity they operate that is against high level threat actors interests, will not be taken seriously and are easily dismissed.

Then maybe take a moment to structure a well thought out post that gives anyone the actual ability to assist you and make meaningful progress.

Just coming in here and vomiting out all of these statements that aren’t backed by anything technically actionable not only hurts your own case but also serves to discredit future cases where people will actually need help and make some bloody effort for those who can help to do so.

So you have the biggest problem in the world but you can’t take an hour to structure your post? Ridiculous, and that’s entirely on you.

Under your current self-proclaimed circumstances, with your stated lack of technical ability, you need to swallow the pill that you aren’t going to be able to create a perfectly secure system using currently available hardware/software, and move on with your life. Nothing is truly completely secure, it’s just a question of the adversaries resources & motivation. If you self-assess this level of motivation and resources as you have, there is no magical fix. Period.

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