I don't like the redesigned menu

I despise what you’ve done to the Qubes menu in 4.2.

Old menu: Click on the Q, qubes appear immediately under your pointer for fast access. OS is usable!

New menu: Click on the Q, qubes are like three inches over to the left, making it slow and awkward to do literally anything. (My Q is on top right.)

Old menu: Select a qube, apps and settings are immediately next to your pointer for fast access

New menu: Select a qube, apps and settings are often way above your pointer so you have to do this careful dance of sliding your pointer over in a ~10px lane until you get to the app pane (otherwise you’ll select a different qube) then carefully move up often several inches to the app you want.

This whole thing is fussy, fiddly, and fragile. I gave feedback on it (in various places) when it was ostensibly still being designed but it has the same horrific usability shortcomings I mentioned then and I’m hard pressed to find a single change made after what was framed as a feedback period.

Since it’s unusable on the right side I’ve now moved it over to the left and will have to retrain 8 years of muscle memory (thanks!) but it’s still an abortion of an interface even on the left.


Right click panel

Panel > Panel Preferences > Items > + Add > Applications Menu

It’s not rocket science, or it shouldn’t be.

This kinds of reminds me of the Amazon mega dropdown article about how Amazon managed to solve this issue on their website by detecting the direction of the cursor’s path:

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I was using Whiskermenu before 4.2 (thank you @Deeplow).

When I upgraded to 4.2 I decided to give the new menu a try. A few seconds later I was installing Whiskermenu and have never looked back.

You should give it a try.

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Another option (though it is more drastic than simply switching menus) is to use the KDE desktop.

That has a totally configurable menu (at least as far as the “tree” is concerned) though if there’s a solution for having to go down the 10 pixel channel (a frustration I absolutely empathize with), I haven’t found it. Given that the 10 pixel channel problem exists either way, I’ll go with a menu I can customize the hierarchy on over one which has one that could be worse…but could also be better.

(It also tends to have the focus yanked away from it when a window opens…so here you’ve finally navigated to what you want and BOOM the menu disappears!)

well there was a lot of research done prior the change you can even find it here in the forum. where user suggestions found their way into the menu.

thank you, your vote as been counted.

Well, I for one was glad the 4.2 menu at least put VMs into different buckets (highly technical term) depending on what they are. That was the biggest shortcoming of the 4.1 menu. However, I’d have wanted to make some distinctions the 4.2 menu didn’t make, and even after that I’d still have wanted sub-buckets.

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You don’t have to use the menu at all. If you already know (a part of) the name of your app, you can press alt+F3 and type it, and you will get a nice GUI with the fitting apps. This is what I do.

With the right click, you can remove unnecessary options from the list and next time you will only need to hit enter to run the app.

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Does Wiskermenu allow editing or reorganizing the menus for each VM? My biggest gripe with the 4.2 menu at the moment is my inability to group applications they way it make sense for the way I use things. The way I used to do this no longer works.


Any install tips for Wiskermenu?