I can only use 4.0

Hi. so im using a spare computer but it was made in 2010… it can only use 4.0… 4.1 wont connect with network card or usb controller. it is an hp elitebook 8440… Is there anyway to keep 4.0 as secured as possible or as secure as 4.1 until i can get a new laptop?

I am sure you’ve seen the official warning This is an old, unsupported release. We strongly advise upgrading to a supported release in order to receive the latest security updates.

I too am currently running R4.0.4 again as I had several issues with R4.1 and need a stable environment more than I need the latest Qubes OS security updates. Not receiving the latest Qubes OS security updates means that if there is a security issue with Qubes OS or XEN users of R4.0.4 won’t receive those updates. However, the OS you run inside a qube (Fedora, Debian, etc) has their own schedules. As long as they are not EOL like Debian Bullseye or Fedora 36 you will get their security updates.

The way I personally see it, you are still much more secure running Debian or Fedora in a qube even if it’s an R4.0 qube then if you wouldn’t use Qubes OS at all and just run those bare bones. Of course in the long term it makes sense to get a machine that will support R4.1 (or probably R4.2 by that time).

i am well aware of the official warning… i have upgraded all my templates(i cant upgrade to fedora 36), i am struggling to upgrade dom0 as it is still at fedora 25 and I want to know if it’s possible to upgrade linux kernel, if so how do i do that

Leave dom0 alone. It is always offline and you shouldn’t interact with it unless you are an expert. You doing anything to it is guaranteed to lower not increase your security.


okay. should i leave the kernels as well

After installing R4.0.4 just run the Qubes Update. Then leave it alone.

You can’t just install another kernel in dom0, it must be a Qubes OS specific kernel and you would need to use the Qubes Builder to build it. But then the respective sources for R4.0.4 are EOL so compiling a new kernel would likely involve some patching or config changes.

In other words: if you have to ask the answer is NO!


That’s true, I also consider R4.1 to be some kind of step backward in many ways. I like the improvements, but getting so many regressions is frustrating.
My R4.1 still is not running that smoothly as R4.0 did.
I hope for some moment of time when the several releases in a row would be focus on stability and support instead of adding new features. For me it’s way more important to have a properly working system than to remove GUI from dom0, use keyboard only though sys-usb and other features of that sort.
Support VMs with Windows is also important as one can not use VirtualBox or something in Qubes OS to run it. But it’s still not addressed properly. Even considering the polls results when many people voted for smoother Windows experience.